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Training Fees & Billing

Thank you all for your support of this local club over the past year.  As a result of Lee's hard work, all the children's participation, enthusiasm and team spirit, we are growing way beyond our dreams.


Going forward, in-order to stay on top of the rising costs of our new venue we availed of this year plus the insurance, we will be running our club by term, similar to most clubs in Galway - and this will start in our final term.


All terms will be a 8 week terms.  Please ensure all payments are made in advance to avoid disappointment. 


For those who have not paid - please follow the link here below to pay for the term as we are trying to avoid having cash on the premises. 

Training TIMES & DAYS
Subject to change - Please msg 0830326085 to be kept up to date

Under 18's Under 16's Beginner Volleyball (ages 8 and upwards - depends on ability not age)


5pm - 7pm 


10.30 - 2.30pm

Adults Competitive/National League/Social Adults


6 - 8pm


10.30 - 2.30pm

Arrive 10mins early, bring a water bottle and snack for after.  Ideally dress in gym tights or tight track pants, gym tshirt, sports bras where necessary and proper sports shoes.  

* Venue is St. Mary's College (also know as CMMG).  Parking is available in the school -

To locate sports hall, drive in main gate and turn left before school building

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